VCP_Panxo_PabloLA VIDA DESDE ARRIBA – VERY COOL PEOPLE’s new single featuring band’s friends Panxo & Pablo!

VERY COOL PEOPLE, jazz-funk band from Riga, together with Panxo (Sophy Zoo & Orxata Sound System) & his brother, singer Pablo (La Raiz Band) are releasing their common single LA VIDA DESDE ARRIBA.
From summer 2008 VERY COOL PEOPLE is, time after time, performing in Valencia together with local musicians. After their performances they get good feedback & are great accepted by Valencian audience, so the band really enjoys to play each show in Spain.
As well as at home, in Valencia VCP keeps on experimenting… sometimes the band invites local musicians to join them for some tunes, this way the band has created new tunes & ideas. One of these times Panxo joined the band, after the gig both like the sound together, so after some time VCP with Panxo & Pablo decided to record one tune together. The result of their work together is LA VIDA DESDE ARRIBA.
We hope you will enjoy the tune as much as we enjoyed to play it… 😉