COOL PEOPLE’s HOUSE – new single from VERY COOL PEOPLE. Tune have been recorded a while ago in 2010th, it was meant to be a show opening track, but somehow until now, we hadn’t open no shows with itJ In this tune for the first time both of our sax players Toms & Artis is playing together in recording, as well Maris is singing „Very cool, very cool people house, very cool cool people house“, so two „first times“ – we are singing & two horn in one track.

For this tune graphic designer/artist Liene Rubane is making pretty cool video, which will be out this year in March, so stay tuned & enjoy COOL PEOPLE’s HOUSE.

Elvijs Grafcovs – guitar; Māris Vitkus – organ, voice, synth; Toms Rudzinskis – sax; Artis Ločmelis – sax; Toms Poišs – bass; Jānis Jaunalksnis – drums; Kaspars Ansons – samples, noise, effects.