Yellow Bride (Lockdown version).

From March 13 to May 15 (2020), we have been isolated – no tours⛔️, no concerts🚫, no rehearsals❌ But we couldn’t stand still 💃🕴🕺, so we have written new tunes 🎶 & we are ready to go back & start to rehears🏃‍♂️. Going back to normal bit by bit & we hope to see you soon in concerts!☺️
This is a song from our upcoming album🆕🆒, which is coming out in early 2021🔜.
This video is a thank you🙏 to all of those people who are buying our CDs💿, Vinyls📀, Digital downloads💻 & streaming📱 us, with your help we are moving faster & faster🚀 to release our new album, videos & vinyl.
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