Elvijs Janis smallIn december we recorded two new tunes Hugo & Cool People’s House. Hugo is a crazy mix of surf music, jazz & indian pop, its just goes wild as well as us playing it:) For it there will be animated video, so we are planing to publish it in the end of March 2010, but the work on it is all ready started.

Cool People’s House is our thoughts about house, what house cold be called cool people’s house 😉 In the tune you’ll be able for first time hear both our sax players Toms & Artis playing together in one tune. This one we are planing to publish pretty soon so keep checking us out;)

As well as in end of January or beginning of February 2010 we are going to release tune LA VIDA DESDE ARRIBA  as single. It has been recorded in fall, in which we are feat. by MC Panxo( Sophy ZooOrxata Sound System) and his brother Pablo, two cool musicians from Valencia.

Also right now we are mixing down some of our latest live recordings which will be as FREE DOWNLOADS in our website.

So as you can see a lot of stuff is going on right now, so keep on being tuned and return to check us out time after time!;)