VCP and MC OZ live y babushki

VCP & MC OZ(aka Ozols) have recorded new tune together – PANORAMA LIVE U BABUSHKI. This is live version of MC OZ new single PANORAMA. Which is russian, that means now VCP have songs with feat. artists in one more language(there is already in latvian, english, spanish & now in russian) , yea,yea the goal is to feat. artists from all around the world in as many language as possible;)

Video & audio of the tune are recorded at the same time. We recorded several takes and all of them were filmed at the same time, after the best audio was mixed & mastered at Basic Instinct studio by Janis Kalve. Video was filmed by Mārtiņš Jansons & after edited by Tron.

VCP and MC OZ vtoraja smena

In February 2011th VCP with MC OZ released single VTORAJA SMENA, now video is out too.

VTORAJA SMENA live version was recorded & filmed the same day as for PANORAMA, so live version of the tune was created before studio version, isn’t it just COOL;)

So check out VTORAJA SMENA, both versions of the tune & videos for them, as well as you can check out how we recorded Vtoraja Smena at MB studio.