Band members

Elvijs Grafcovs – guitar

🎸 He is known by many names – the man with the smile on steroids, the man with direct contact with the gods of entertainment, the brown-eyed deal sealer, the merchant of souls, the papa of misfits & many more – the name is not as important as the fact that he has gathered a group of freaks who have come together to form the creative machinery called VERY COOL PEOPLE.

🎸 As the founder, spiritual leader & guitarist of the the band he is also one of the band’s composers, arrangers & producers.


Māris Vitkus – organ, piano, keyboards

🎹 Every band needs at least one deputy director & VCP’s is Vitkus. Coming from the windy shores of Engure he is an adrenaline junkie riding around with three different motorized iron horses. When the band is on tour, he is the logistics manager – choosing the highways & roads to deliver the very cool musical hooligans to the stages.

🎹 Being blessed with Mighty Engure’s Straight Punch, although he has chosen music & supplements the band’s music with his organ & keyboard mastersounds.


Jānis Olekšs – bass

🎵 He is not only the highest jumping bass player in Latvia, but one of the most hardcore touring musicians in the Baltics. Janis doesn’t mind going for 72 hours in a van, sleeping only on the plane during a 3-hour flight & jumping on the stage with no shower or food – and he still looks charming.
🎵 Caring & loving, he is responsible for the band’s well being; always chatty, this happy guy takes care of the goodies during tours & the mental state of his bandmates.

Andris Buiķis – drums

🥁 Sharing is caring – that’s the slogan by which Andris lives. Sharing not only his knowledge, but also his experience with his students, this open hearted folk will always love to share a pack or two of sunflower seeds with his colleagues.

Like a real Madona’s son, he commits to the craft of music for all 100%; besides drumming, gaming & piano playing he is also one of the band’s composers & arrangers.

Māris Jēkabsons – tenor sax

🎷The sexiest sax player in Latvia. He is known for hypnotizing women with his pierced look & mesmerizing golden horn melodies. So keep you women away when you see him on sight.

Besides being a top building builder & one of the top custom brick & wooden door manufacturers in his free time, he is also one of the band’s composers & arrangers.

Oskars Ozoliņš – trumpet

🎺 Tycoon of the kebab industry who embraces his employees, his business empire stretches from Helsinki to Casablanca and from London to Ankara.

🎺 He is not only able to play his golden horn high & quiet on Very Cool People records & on stages across the world, but he is also one of the top filmmakers of Ķekava.

Laura Rozenberga – trombone

🤘Since she grew up everybody has to do what she says. A lot of people love her for that and a lot of people hate her for that, but it doesn’t change the fact that when Laura “the Tukumniece” says ‘jump’ everybody jumps.

🤘 Moody in the mornings & a total sunshine in the evenings, she is the one to make sure the chatty & procrastinator boys of the band make it to the stage on time.

Kristaps Lubovs – baritone sax

🎷 He’s not only one of the most competent persons in gold trading, but he also plays amaizing Bariton sax on our albums.
🎷 Being Daugmale’s native son & receiving inspiration from mighty Daugava river he also have written some cool tunes for the band.